1021JDBTakeHomeLectureQuiz9(Chapter 9 9th Edition Medically Related)(Chapter3 8th Edition Medically

1021JDBTakeHomeLectureQuiz9(Chapter 9 9th Edition Medically Related)(Chapter3 8th Edition Medically

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Dr. Jim Bloxton NAME CHEM 1021 Fall 2009 Take Home Lecture Quiz 9 And Homework Set 9 Chapter 9 (9 th Edition) Or Chapter 3 (8 th Edition). This Take Home Lecture Quiz 9 will count as both a Take Home Lecture Quiz 9 and as Homework Set 9 for Chapter 9 of the 9 th Edition or Chapter 3 of the 8 th Edition of your Chem 1021 lecture text. As was previously announced in lecture, Take Home Lecture Quiz 9 is due at the beginning of Chem 1021 lecture Tuesday, 12/8/09. The problems in this take home lecture quiz will be worked as part of the Chem 1021 lecture on Tuesday, 12/8/09. Students must be present for all of the lecture in order to receive credit. Only original handwritten materials will be accepted. Typed, computer generated or photocopies will not be accepted.
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Unformatted text preview: Late materials will not be accepted. All work for all problems must be shown. Include proper units for each calculation. Each question is worth 2.5 points each. For the Chem 1021 Lecture Final exam students should know all of the medical uses of the radioisotopes that are given in Chapter 9: Table 9.5 (9 th Edition) or Chapter 3: Table 3.5 (8 th Edition). 1. A 30 mg sample of a radioactive substance has a half life of 2.4 days. How long will it take for the radioactive sample to have a mass of 3.75 mg? 2. How does distance affect the intensity of radiation? 3. What type of metal shield is commonly used in hospitals to protect against radiation exposure? 4. Which radioactive isotope(s) are used for pancreas scans?...
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