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Guidelines For Chem 1022 Lecture Final Exam Extra Credit Here are the Guidelines for the Chem 1022 Lecture Final Exam Extra Credit. 10 points of extra credit or 1% of the total value of Chem 1022 course points will be awarded if all of the questions on the Chem 1022 optional study guides for chapters 20, 21 and 23 are completed and turned in to Dr. Jim Bloxton by 8:00 am EST on Tuesday, May 11, 2010, when the Chem 1022 Final Exam is given in 160 Beury Hall. If a section of material was not covered in lecture those questions that relate to that material can also be omitted. Only original handwritten materials will be accepted. Typed, computer generated or photocopies will not be accepted. Late materials will not be accepted. Note: The optional study guide questions only refer to the study guide questions that I generated. In the optional study guide questions, students are advised to do all of the Chem 1022 lecture textbook problems. These Chem 1022 lecture textbook problems that
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