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1022JDBTakeHomeQuiz8Chapter23(Spring2010) - continue to...

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Dr. Jim Bloxton NAME CHEM 1022 Spring Semester 2010 Take Home Lecture Quiz 8 And Modified Homework Set 8 Chapter 23 Take Home Lecture Quiz 8 will be worked during Chem 1022 lecture on Tuesday, April 27, 2010, while we are covering material from chapter 23. Take Home Lecture Quiz 8 will also count as Homework Set 8 for chapter 23 material. However it is strongly recommended that students work the original chapter 23 homework problems that were assigned under Course Documents Section on Chem 1022 lecture Blackboard. Take Home Lecture Quiz 8 was originally the Chem 1022 Optional Practice Quiz for Chapter 23. Students will not receive credit for lecture quiz 8 or homework set 8 if they are absent from the lecture or leave early or arrive late. Late materials will not be accepted. Note: It is very important to remember that Chemistry is a cumulative topic and that the material that was covered in previous chapters needs to be reviewed as this material will
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Unformatted text preview: continue to reappear in concepts that are needed to solve new problems. 1. What is the name of the place on the enzyme where the substrate binds and the chemical reaction takes place? 2. What is an induced fit model? 3. What two effects can an increase in temperature have on the activity of an enzyme? 4. What does a transferase do? 5. What is name or abbreviation for the energy storing molecule in the body? 6. What is a coenzyme? 7. What are the enzymes LDH, CPK, and Troponins I and T used to diagnose? 8. How does a heavy metal ion such as Hg 2+ inactivate an enzyme? 9. An inhibitor is able to inhibit an enzyme catalyzed reaction at many different levels of substrate concentration. What type of inhibitor is this? Explain. 10. What is allosteric promotion or promotion involving allosterism?...
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1022JDBTakeHomeQuiz8Chapter23(Spring2010) - continue to...

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