Chem 62 Chapter 28 (Catabolic Pathways) Optional Study Guide

Chem 62 Chapter 28 (Catabolic Pathways) Optional Study...

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CHAPTER 28 SPECIFIC CATABOLIC PATHWAYS: CARBOHYDRATE, LIPID, AND PROTEIN METABOLISM Note: This is an optional study guide. This study guide is not an exhaustive list of questions that could appear on quizzes or exams. These are sample questions that may or may not be used on a quiz or midterm exam or final exam. Other questions that are not found on this study guide will be on actual quizzes, midterm and final exams. It is important to do all of the homework problems that are in your Chem 62 lecture text in addition to the questions in this study guide. Make sure that you do all of the Chemical Connections homework questions that have assigned. Learn the basic principles and then be prepared to apply the principles to problems that you have not seen before. Note: It is very important to remember that Chemistry is a cumulative topic and that the material that was covered in previous chapters needs to be reviewed as this material will continue to reappear in concepts that are needed to solve new problems. The following questions are to be answered from CHEM 62 CHAPTER 28 LECTURE TEXT, LECTURE NOTES AND LECTURE SLIDES. 1. According to Chapter 28, what are the two main purposes for eating food and what must take place before these two main purposes can be fulfilled? 2. What are the three main classes of foods that are metabolized? 3. What is the most important monosaccharide and what are two sources of this monosaccharide? 4. What is glycolysis? 5. What is the general class of enzymes that breaks down fats and what are the fats broken down to? 6. What are fat storage depots? 1
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Chem 62 Chapter 28 (Catabolic Pathways) Optional Study...

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