13 - Notes 9/13 American Revolutions [email protected]..

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Notes 9/13 American Revolutions [email protected] [email protected] alex [email protected] melanie the creation of new world slavery the creation of the new world itself what were the preconditions of a racial form of new world slavery to play such a crucial role of the new world? ALMOST POSITIVE THIS WILL BE ON MIDTERM^^ see handout for topics for midterm focus on two or three preconditions first four paragraphs are things we already considered pt 1. - slavery is ancient and widespread pt 2. - slavery was assumed to be moral in multiple religions - they seem to make it less cruel but not to abolish it pt 3. - great deal of money to be made in the new world, someone had to do a great deal of work to get that money pt 4. - used native americans to make alot of money, the hope of using native americ- ans who had been enslaved FAILED; 1/10th of the new inhabitants of the new world died off or never born, this made it impossible to use native americans as slaves, huge amounts of labor had to be imported from somewhere else
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13 - Notes 9/13 American Revolutions [email protected]..

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