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IH-Spring11-Mosaic851-Section085-Harris - Harris/Syllabus 1...

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Harris /Syllabus  Mosaic  851 1 Intellectual Heritage Program Mosaic I Humanities Seminar 851 Spring 2011 Section 085 [location TBA] Instructor: Rabia Terri Harris Office: IH Adjunct Office, AC 213B Telephone: (please call only during office hours) 5625 Email : [email protected] (Don’t hesitate to use this to ask questions, get clarification, make an appointment, etc. Please be patient: I am not on call 24/7. You may or may not get an answer the same day, but you should get one within a reasonable amount of time.) Office Hours : Tuesdays and Thursdays [hours TBA] Prerequisites : English 0802 Analytical Reading and Writing When you come into this course, you are expected to have the following competencies. Self-reflection . You should be able to reflect seriously and critically on your own writing process as well as your written work. Critical reading and thinking . You should be able to read for analysis and critique; evaluate evidence and reasoning in an academic text; see relationships among multiple texts; raise meaningful questions; compare ideas; and extract underlying assumptions. Rhetorical strategies . You should be able to define terms for specific purposes; summarize the ideas and arguments of others; make meaningful comparisons between ideas; analyze and respond to the needs of a specific task or audience. Argumentation . You should be able to take a position, marshal and organize relevant evidence, and respond to opposing views. Revision . You should be able to substantively revise earlier work. Correctness . Your finished papers should demonstrate a reasonable degree of both fluency and competence in Standard English, including skills in grammar, mechanics, and usage appropriate to college writing. If an honest self-appraisal suggests that you do not yet possess these competencies, please begin immediately to take advantage of the Writing Center , one of the great resources of this University. In some circumstances, I may request proof of attendance. Mosaic is not an English class, and these competencies will be assumed, not taught. Transfer students, please seriously consider taking English 802 even if you are technically exempt. Now that you are thoroughly alarmed, read on...
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Harris /Syllabus  Mosaic  851 2 Course Overview Mosaic is a two-semester General Education course designed to build your ability to engage with complex and difficult ideas. You will be involved in the close reading of significant texts that shape contemporary thought and culture, class discussion, reflective writing, and exploration of our community.Through these methods, you will hone critical thinking skills, sensitivities, and communication techniques that can be utilized in many areas of life. Our work with texts of different types from very different time periods, cultures, and viewpoints will invite you to deepen your understanding and widen your appreciation for the variety of human experience present at this University, throughout the world, and even within yourself. This course will challenge you to grow, and your instructor will assist you in rising to that challenge.
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IH-Spring11-Mosaic851-Section085-Harris - Harris/Syllabus 1...

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