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Unformatted text preview: MOSAIC 1 HONORS HUMANITIES SEMINAR FALL 2010 SYLLABUS Professor Rebekah Zhuraw E: [email protected] Office: 512 Anderson Hall* Office hours: MWF 11-11:50 & 1-1:50** O: please use my cell C: 215-498-1780 Week 1 M Aug 30 W Sep 1 F Sep 3 Week 2 M Sep 6 W Sep 8 F Sep 10 M Sep 13 Week 3 W Sep 15 Mosaic 951-002 MWF 10-10:50 TL 001B Intellectual Heritage Program: 214 Anderson Hall IH Lounge (Tutors): 215 Anderson Hall *if I am not in my office, try the IH Lounge **please make an appointment Welcome. Genesis 1-2 (handout). Genesis 1-11 plus intro. “To the Reader” & “Who wrote the Bible” (PDF). Marco Polo Prologue & Maps. Forum Thread #1. NO CLASS—LABOR DAY Marco Polo 1: The Middle East. Marco Polo 2: The Road to Cathay. Marco Polo 3L Kubilai Khan & Epilogue. Forum Thread #2. Destruction of the Indies: all front matter (intro. etc.!46 pp!) and pp. 150, pp. 86-88, pp. 103-119. Skim the rest. Also read “Rhetoric and Destruction of the Indies” and “Stylistics in Destruction of the Indies” (PDFs). In-class roundtable. Gilgamesh: all front matter (pp.vii-lxii) & Tablets 1-2. Gilgamesh Tablets 3-5. Forum Thread #3. Gilgamesh Tablets 6-8. Gilgamesh Tablets 9-12; Babylonian creation story (PDF) Proust & the Squid excerpts from Chs. 1 & 2 (PDF!Note: you do not F Sep 17 M Sep 20 Week 4 W Sep 22 F Sep 24 M Sep 27 need to read Ch. 3 excerpt now.) Gilgamesh: Four Versions Group Exercise Presentations. Forum Thread #4. Week 5 W Sep 29 Intro to Unit 2: Self & Other. Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis: all front matter, Parapraxes Lecture 1 “Introduction”, Dreams Lectures VVI. Essay #1 Due: SafeAssign. First Person Arts visit. Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis: Dreams Lectures VII-XI. Forum Thread #5. Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis: Dreams Lectures XI11-XIV, pp.285-189, pp 297-298; Neurosis Lectures XVI-XVII, & pp. 338-342. Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis: Neurosis Lectures XX-XXI, XXV, XXVII-XXVIII Borderlands Chs 1-2. Forum Thread #6. INDIVIDUAL CONFERENCES Borderlands Chs 3-4. Borderlands Chs 5-7, Interview, & An Introduction in Ten Voices (just after the Contents pages). Borderlands: Small Group Poetry Chapter Presentations. Forum Thread #7. Borderlands: Small Group Poetry Chapter Presentations. Intro to Unit 3: Community. Souls of Black Folks: all front-matter (Intro., etc.) & Chs. I-II. Essay #2. Souls of Black Folks Chs. III-IV. Forum Thread #8. Small Group Chapter Presentations. Small Group Chapter Presentations. F Oct 1 M Oct 4 Week 6 W Oct 6 F Oct 8 M Oct 11 T Oct 7 Week 7 W Oct 13 F Oct 15 M Oct 18 Week 8 W Oct 20 F Oct 22 M Oct 25 Week 9 W Oct 27 F Oct 29 M Nov 1 Week 10 W Nov 3 F Nov 5 M Nov 8 Week 11 W Nov 10 F Nov 12 Story Slam. Forum Thread #9. The Trial & Death of Socrates: Euthyphro. The Trial & Death of Socrates: Apology, Crito, & Phaedo. In-class small-group scene enactment. Forum Thread #10. Intro to Unit 4: Ways of Knowing. Genesis 15-18:15, 21-22 (PDF). Exodus 20 (The Ten Commandments). Matthew 22:34 (The Greatest Commandment), 43 (Love for Enemies), & 12 (The Golden Rule), Koran “The Exordium” (PDFs). Essay #3 Due. The Bhagavad Gita all front matter (PDF) & Ch I. Forum Thread #11. The Bhagavad Gita Chs. II-VIII. The Bhagavad Gita Chs. XI-XIV. The Bhagavad Gita Chs. XV-XVIII & Appendix: The Cosmology of the Gita (PDF). Forum Thread #12. NO CLASS—HAPPY THANKSGIVING (Optional Gita review) NO CLASS—THANKSGIVING BREAK The Tao Te Jing (PDF). SMALL GROUP CONFERENCES The Tao Te Jing. Forum Thread #13. Coda: Sampling of Alternative Mosaic texts (Freud Civilization & Its Discontents & Stephen Hawking A Brief History of Time) (PDF) Coda: Nietzsche’s “On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense” & Foucault’s “Discourse and Truth: The Problemetization of Parrhesiah” (links) M Nov 15 Week 12 W Nov 17 F Nov 19 M Nov 22 Week 13 W Nov 24 F Nov 26 M Nov 29 T Nov 30 W Dec 1 Week 14 F Dec 3 M Dec 6 W Dec 8 Coda Finalé: Proust & the Squid: Ch. 3 excerpt (PDF) and Susan Blackburn on TED (link) Reading Period/Exams T Dec 12 Final Portfolio & Final Paper Due. ...
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