one - Black Patti Troubadours- Matilda Sissieretta Joyner...

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Unformatted text preview: Black Patti Troubadours- Matilda Sissieretta Joyner Jones, known as Sissieretta Jones, (January 5, 1868 or 1869 [1] June 24, 1933 [2] ) was an African-American soprano . She sometimes was called "The Black Patti". She formed the Black Patti Troubadours (later renamed the Black Patti Musical Comedy Company), a musical and acrobatic act made up of 40 jugglers , comedians , dancers and a chorus of 40 trained singers. [2] Bonner, Marita- Afican American playwrite during the Harlem Rennassainse who wrote the Purple Flower. Bonner contributed a variety of things to the Harlem Renaissance. Her writings addressed the struggles of people that lived outside of Harlem. Her greatest involvement was her emphasis on claiming a strong racial and gender identity. She argued against sexism and racism and advised other black women to remain silent in order to gain understanding, knowledge, and truth to fight the oppressions the mentioned prejudices (there were and still are many) of this time. She also encouraged African Americans to use the weapons of knowledge, teaching, and writing to overcome inequalities. Unlike most Renaissance writers, she focused her writings on issues in and around Chicago. Several of Bonner's short stories addressed the barriers that African American women faced when they attempted to follow the Harlem Renaissance's call for self-...
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one - Black Patti Troubadours- Matilda Sissieretta Joyner...

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