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Notes Jan 13-18 - JANUARY 13 & 18, 2011: SCIENCE AND...

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ANUARY CIENCE AND Q UANTIFICATION Continued from 1/11/11 B IG I DEAS 1. Literacy: What are p-values and what do they represent? 2. Literacy: Why is it important to know the accuracy of a medical test and the prevalence of the disease when responding to a diagnosis? 3. Literacy: Describe cholera. What is its biological mode of action and what is the organism that causes it? 4. Literacy: Describe the differences between clinical trials and the three types of epidemiological studies. 5. Reasoning: Reconstruct John Snow’s logical progression to demonstrating the link between contaminated water and cholera. 6. Reasoning: Design an experiment that would allow you to distinguish between an air, contact, or water transmission for a pathogen 7. Reasoning: Use principles of difference, agreement, or concomitant variation to analyze the strength of a hypothesis 8. Reasoning: Use the seven criteria of causation to analyze the strength of scientific study. 9. Stewardship: What are the ethical restrictions on randomized clinical trials? Why? 10. Stewardship: Explain the outbreak of cholera in Papua New Guinea and Haiti. Suggest solutions to manage future cholera epidemics. Slide 29: Science Quality Checklist Criteria Questions Reasonable Are the numbers consistent with what we already know? Fermi Check. Hypothesis Does the hypothesis address the critical distinguishing elements of the question? Data Are the data represented in an honest, illuminating way? Probabilities Do we have a clear idea of the probability that an error was made? Causation Have the researchers demonstrated causation using robust scientific methods? Slide 30-31: Data and Probabilities Why is it important to have a large sample size when asking scientific questions? Define p-value:
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Notes Jan 13-18 - JANUARY 13 & 18, 2011: SCIENCE AND...

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