Notes Jan 20-25

Notes Jan 20-25 - JANUARY 20 & 25, 2011: RISK AND...

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ANUARY ISK AND I NFECTIOUS D ISEASE B IG I DEAS 1. Literacy: Are the three unknowns when quantifying risk? Use 2. Literacy: Describe malaria transmission. 3. Literacy: Describe malaria. What is its biological mode of action and what is the organism that causes it? 4. Literacy: What are the morphological differences between eukaryotes, bacteria, and viruses. 5. Reasoning: How does the FDA measure risk? Why? 6. Reasoning: Draw a disease pathway using systems biology notation. 7. Reasoning: Interpret the graph of infectious disease rate. 8. Stewardship: What is off-label use of prescription drugs? Why is it a potential problem? 9. Stewardship: How should we solve the problem of malaria? Use your systems diagram to identify where your solution operates. 10. Stewardship: How is the Bernoulli Principle used to merge probabilities and values to forecast outcomes? Biological Risks Conceptions of Risk o Agent o Object o Environment o Systems Notation
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Notes Jan 20-25 - JANUARY 20 & 25, 2011: RISK AND...

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