Psychology - Psychology Review Personality Disorders...

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Psychology Review Personality Disorders personality disorders = a class of disorders marked by extreme, inflexible personality traits that cause subjective distress or impaired social and occupational functioning 10 personality disorders are listed in the DSM-IV three clusters = anxious/fearful, odd/eccentric, dramatic/impulsive Many critics have argued that the personality disorders overlap too much with Axis I disorders and with each other. The antisocial designation does not mean that people with this disorder shun social interaction. anti-social personality disorder = marked by impulsive, manipulative, aggressive and irresponsible behavior that reflects a failure to accept social norms Anti-social personalities tend to begin their criminal careers at an early age, to commit offensives at a relatively high rate, and to be versatile offenders—cut throat business executives, scheming politicians, drug dealers, con artists, thugs, petty thieves politics and business = areas where disorder thrive remain within the law maladaptive traits associated with anti-social personality disorder = irresponsible, impulsive, promiscuous, unreliable Anti-social men into their 50s found substantial improvement in 58% of the subjects. review of twin studies
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Psychology - Psychology Review Personality Disorders...

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