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maya psych 4 - Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow = forged...

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IB Psychology: Prologue and Chapter 1 Review Prologue: The Story of Psychology psychology = the scientific study of behavior and mental processes - way of asking and answering questions behavior = any action that can be observed and recorded mental processes = internal subjective experiences inferred from behavior impericism = principle that science flourishes through observation and experiment Wilhelm Wanolt = founded the first psychological laboratory Edward Titchener = introduced school of structuralism - explored basic of mind using introspection William James = introduced school of functionalism - focused on how mental and behavioral processes enable the organism to adapt, survive and flourish Mary Calkins = first female president of the American Psychological Association Margaret Washburn = first woman to receive a Ph.D. in psychology
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Unformatted text preview: Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow = forged humanistic psychology- emphasized the growth potential of healthy people neuroscience = study of the interaction of thought processes and brain function Plato = Greek philosopher; assumed that character and intelligence are inherited Aristotle = Greek philosopher; argued that all knowledge comes from sensory experience John Locke = believed that most knowledge comes in through the senses Descartes = believed some ideas are innate Charles Darwin = explained species variation by proposing evolution- works through natural selection levels of analysis = biological, psychological, and social-cultural; form an integrated biopsychosocial approach to study of behavior and mental processes...
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