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e_509 - ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Due Rough draft due on final...

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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Due: Rough draft due on; final draft due with portfolio Points: Rough draft is worth points. Final will be worth points. Length : Introduction of 250 words; 20 entries minimum (that would be “C” level work); each entry should be 40 words minimum (not counting the bibliographic citation information) (again, 40 words is “C” level work). *All sources need to be from the University of Louisville Libraries unless I give you explicit written permission otherwise. *At least one source needs to be from a UofL library other than Ekstrom Library. Description: You need to have the following sources represented in your bibliography: 1 reference work 2 books 2 scholarly journal articles 4 magazine, journal, or newspaper articles (either popular or scholarly) 2 reputable websites 1 government document (can be print or online) 1 “other” source (personal interview, television show, video, etc.) 7 sources of your own choosing Remember these are minimums for “C” level work. If you are having difficulty
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