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Writing from Sources, Seventh Edition Brenda Spatt, 2007 Publisher: Bedford St. Martin’s   Price: $57.95 Writing from Sources presents research as an integral part of the writing process, providing students with guidance to the skills of source-based writing. The book builds systematically from simpler research skills, such as finding a topic and looking for sources, to more demanding ones, such as choosing appropriate sources, reading them critically, and integrating them smoothly with the writer's own ideas. This gradual introduction of skills, in lessons of progressive difficulty, so that students can master each skill with a single source essay before moving on to the more complex multiple source essay and to the final research paper is one of this book’s strengths. Another important feature is that Writing from Sources offers student models with marginal commentaries of the proper application of research and writing skills, such as sample annotations of essays that model critical reading strategies and samples of good summaries of complex essays that also integrate paraphrases and quotes. There are 37 exercises that provide students with necessary practice on key research skills (e.g. analyzing author’s intentions and tone, analyzing author’s logic and identifying logical fallacies, interpreting and evaluating evidence, etc.) and 12 writing assignments giving instructors some possibilities in developing their course. There are 54 reading selections on a wide array of topics (bioethics, education, culture, entertainment, etc.) appearing throughout the text in exercises and assignments as well as in explanations of writing and research skills; a casebook on patriotism
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e_513 - Writing from Sources Seventh Edition Brenda Spatt...

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