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Writing Conventions Min-Zhan Lu and Bruce Horner Pearson. $40.00 What is this book all about? Writing Conventions aims to complicate traditional pedagogy which suggests that there is one “right way” to write. Seven chapters interrelate core writing concepts, often raising questions rather than providing clear, structured answers. How do they want teachers to use it? Lu and Horner believe that the book is most effectively used when a teacher picks three of the seven chapters to structure the class around. The Instructor’s Manual provides several Course Templates (suggestions of which three chapters to combine and the accompanying assignment sequence) which would be really useful to see the various “shapes” that a class based on this book could have. Additionally the Instructor’s Manual offers three in-depth looks at how a specific teacher engaged with the book. The engagement level varied widely and, for all three respondents, changed over time. What kinds of in-class exercises does it include? (Chapter 1 was used as a sample) 2 samples of student writing 10 “Try Outs”—possible group work discussions 3 low-stakes “Writing Projects” that build on each other 2 long assignments How does it proceed? Part I: Key Concepts in Writing and Reading Composing Our Composing Processes The chapter explores pre-writing, brainstorming, proofreading, outlining, note-taking and re-reading. Reading and Re-Reading The chapter provides a framework for understanding how to look at a text through different lenses, and gives the students experience in several kinds of note-taking strategies. Composing Genres The chapter suggests that genres are not fixed and that they are instead something writers compose. Encourages students to consider genre as they begin writing by looking for what the class is expecting, and then looking for what areas they can “tinker with.” Vocabulary The chapter discusses the importance of acquiring a field-specific vocabulary that can be used in
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e_519 - Writing Conventions Min-Zhan Lu and Bruce Horner...

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