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The Brief Penguin Handbook (3 rd ed.) Writing Research Papers (13 th ed.) by Lester Faigley Price: $52.91 Price: $36.13 The Brief Penguin Handbook Writing Research Papers Stylistic Issues The section devoted to stylistic issues is broken into six parts: Write with Power, Write Concisely, Write with Emphasis, Find the Right Words, Write to Be Inclusive and Write with Accurate Spelling. In each section common student errors are gathered according to the problem that the error creates. Each issue is then broken down with an explanation and an example. The examples are color coded and easy to follow. Throughout the style section, Writing in the World boxes are included to make students aware of how common issues translate out of academic writing and into real world contexts. Common Error boxes are also included with a short rule, displayed in purple text, for students to take away. A link for further information/instruction is found at the bottom of each Common Error box. Instead of giving any focus to common stylistic issues, the book gives students tips on writing in academic style in Chapter 10. The discussion of academic style includes how to structure a thesis statement, writing academic titles, the use of present tense, how to refer to other sources, writing in the third person, and avoiding sexist and biased language. This discussion of academic style is brief and is placed under the book’s Drafting and Revising tab, which makes it more difficult for students to locate easily. Grammar Issues The section devoted to grammar issues is broken into six parts: Grammar Basics, Fragments, Run-Ons, and Comma Splices, Subject-Verb Agreement, Verbs, Pronouns, and Modifiers. It begins by covering extremely basic grammar concepts, such as sentence patterns, parts of speech, clauses, phrases and sentence types, subject-verb agreement, active verbs, and modifiers. Each section provides a detailed description of the error with instructions for correction and color coded examples. Writing in the World and Common Error
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e_520 - The Brief Penguin Handbook(3rd ed by Lester Faigley...

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