e_543 - 1 Analysis of 1972 Saab ad Looking for credibility...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Analysis of 1972 Saab ad: Looking for credibility “Saab. It’s what a car should be.” This is one of the catchy phrases on an advertisement for a hot new car. In this advertisement for the car company SAAB the creator did a great job creating an advertisement that catches all types of people ’s attention. It shows a picture with hidden messages, and it has text that provides great information on the car. In this advertisement there are good uses of pathos, logos, and kairos, but it struggles to use ethos very well. Whoever created this advertisement definitely took peoples values or pathos into consideration with the bold lettering in the middle of the page. It reads “In a world of recalled cars, air pollution, high insurance rates and big repair bills, we offer engineering, safety, and a littl e common sense.” The creator catches the attention of many different types of people’s attention with this one bold statement that sticks out from everything else on the page. It attracts those who really care for the environment, those who don’t like to d eal with repairs, and those who like having money. That sounds like it covers just about everyone in the world. After reading the page it shows that the article has great logos, the message is clearly proved and is put in a way that says this car can help everyone. The picture in this advertisement shows many things going on in the background which is trying to show that having a car is a hassle, and there are many things that go into having a car. This image is trying to say that if you buy the car that they are advertising then those problems will disappear. That is why the person driving this new SAAB is driving away from all of those hassles in the background. A very important piece of any advertisement is kairos. I know that this particular advertisement was released in 1972. I was not alive in 1972 and do not know of any significant events that occurred to was released in 1972....
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e_543 - 1 Analysis of 1972 Saab ad Looking for credibility...

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