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Instructions for Assignment 3: Annotated Bibliography Due Dates: First draft due in class (two copies) AND on Blackboard by Friday, Mar. 5 . Final draft due on Friday, Mar . 12. Revision (optional) due on Friday, Apr. 9 . Overview: According to your textbook, “annotated bibliographies describe, give publication information for, and sometimes evaluate each work on a list of sources. When we do research, we may consult annotated bibliographies to evaluate potential sources” (Norton 112). This will be an evaluative bibliography, in which you’ll find sources for your research paper and evaluate them in terms of their usefulness for your project. The broad topic for your research paper is to choose a topic that relates to technology and ethics. In your research paper, you’ll evaluate a technology of your choice. You may either show how this technology relates to your field, or explore an ethical issue related to this technology. You should, again, familiarize yourself with the research paper prompt, in order to integrate this project into your preparation for that assignment.
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