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English 102-23, Spring 2010: Intermediate College Writing MWF 1:00-1:50, HUM 103 Instructor: Cathy Love Contact Information: [email protected] or 852-7068 (email is the best way to contact me) Office: Humanities 4H, Carrel #7 (basement of Humanities building) Office Hours: WF 9:50-11:50 (and by appointment) Course prerequisites/placement criteria: Eng. 101, approved transfer credit for Eng. 101, or Portfolio Placement into 102. General education statement: This course fulfills a General Education Written Communication Requirement. COURSE MATERIALS: The Norton Field Guide to Writing with Readings and Handbook *, by Bullock, Goggin, and Weinberg. 1 st edition, 2008. * This textbook is available in three forms: for this class you must have the full version with readings and handbook. Funds for printing class work, readings, and other required work. GOALS OF ENGLISH 102: Welcome to English 102! This class is based around the theme of technology and ethics. We will have several readings and films in which we explore this theme, leading up to a major research project in which you will choose an issue related to the theme to research and discuss. In this class, you’ll learn to create and answer questions through research and writing that draws upon written texts and other sources. You should expect to read critically, evaluate ideas using research, find and evaluate sources, and write essays that use the information you gather to create and support a clearly defined position on the topic involved. English 102 will help you learn to write across the curriculum in the classes that you will encounter as you begin study in your intended major. In class and in your writing, I will attempt to tailor my teaching to the variety of needs you, as students, present. By the end of this class, you should be well-prepared for the research and writing demands of the university. MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: Major Writing Assignments: Additional Assignments: Translation Project 10% to be presented in class on April 19, 21, and during the final exam period (TBA) Classwork, homework, and quizzes 15% schedule will be maintained on Blackboard and listed on syllabus Participation and engagement in class will be used to determine borderline grades. ATTENDANCE POLICY: Regular attendance in this class will ensure your success. Because all class sessions require active participation, you cannot make up an absence by getting the notes. After you have missed six days (two weeks) of class, your final grade will be lowered by one letter grade (10 points) for each subsequent absence. Frequent or excessive lateness for class meetings also count as an absence: 4 tardies = 1 absence. Excused absences include religious holidays, university- sponsored athletic events (you must let me know if you are on an athletic team), and serious illness with a doctor's note. Assignment
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e_564 - English 102-23 Spring 2010 Intermediate College...

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