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ENG 102/Caroline Wilkinson Spring 2010 Assignment 3: Literature Review and Synthesis Overview: For this assignment, you will provide a literature review and synthesis of a particular controversy in a field that you are interested in. In doing so, you will attempt to answer the following questions: What does the field already know about this topic? What methods have been used? What kind of information is still needed? You will concentrate on 6 sources on the subject. While reading these sources, you want to identify the trends by a grid method we will discuss in class. Then, you will synthesize these sources, pointing out similarities and differences in the findings these researchers report and the methods they used. At the end of the paper, you will articulate your own argument, which will carry into Essay 4. Goals: This assignment is designed to Increase your familiarity with sources that demonstrate different genres and audiences.
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Unformatted text preview: Help you to create the genre of the literature review. Help you to learn more how to research for specific sources. Give you practice identifying the similarities and differences of trends in a given field. Help you to incorporate sources into your own work. Give you practice with conventions of different methods of citations. Formatting and other Requirements: Your analysis should be 5 full double-spaced pages . Be sure to include page numbers (in Word, go to the Insert menu and select Page Numbers ) a title your name Audience: Your classmates, who may have some knowledge of the controversy, but not of the trends in the research. Number of Sources: 2 academic articles 1 book 3 other types of sources (newspaper article, website, magazine article) Due Dates: See the daily schedule (on Blackboard) for all due dates associated with this assignment ....
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