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e_574 - How was it different from the three genres that we...

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English 102: Intermediate College Writing Caroline Wilkinson Cover Letter for Assignment 4: Research Paper Overview: For this cover letter, you will write a letter to me explaining your choices of sources for this assignment, especially comparing the academic and non-academic ones. How do the book and academic articles you employed relate to certain audiences and/or purposes? How do the non- academic sources you employed relate to the same or different audiences and/or purposes? How do they relate to your discipline? How do these academic genres help the argument you seem to be forming? Also, what did you think of writing the genre of the research paper?
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Unformatted text preview: How was it different from the three genres that we did before? Was the literature review helpful for this paper? In what ways? Additionally, you may write about what sources you struggled with the most in the research paper and why. Of course, you do not have to answer all these questions, but they are a starting point to reflect on this particular genre and the sources involved. Formatting: Your analysis should be at least 1 full double-spaced page . Be sure to include • page numbers (in Word, go to the Insert menu and select Page Numbers ) • your name...
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