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English 102: Intermediate College Writing, Spring 2010 Instructor: Mr. Stephen Strother, [email protected] Office Location: 4H, Carrel 18, Basement of Humanities Building; Phone: 502-852-0987 or 615-504-5293 Office Hours: Wednesdays, 1:00 PM-3:00 PM, 2 nd Floor, West (New) Wing of the Library. Goals: This course provides an introduction to research writing, the academy’s most common method for producing knowledge. This course will hopefully teach you the following: 1. How to read and analyze the argument, evidence, tone, bias, currency, and credibility of source material 2. How to use source material in crafting your own argument 3. How to do research at the University 4. How to summarize research concisely 5. How to write a fully researched position paper or literature review (your choice) This course satisfies a University General Education Written Communication Requirement. Prerequisites: You must have passed Eng. 101, have approved transfer credit for Eng. 101, or completed Portfolio Placement into 102 to take this class. Course Materials: Brenda Spatt, Writing From Sources . Seventh Edition. Funds for printing out both Course Readings on BlackBoard and drafts of papers. Major Requirements: Assignment Percent of Final Grade Approximate Due Dates Draft Final Summary Exercise 10% (50 pts.) January 27 February 5 Topic Proposal (Part 1: Research Project) 5% (25 pts.) N/A February 10 Annotated Bibliography (Part 2: Research Project) 15% (75 pts.) March 5 March 12 Research Paper: (Part 3: Research Project) 40% (200 pts.) March 31 April 12 Research Project Reflection (Part 4:
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e_577 - English 102 Intermediate College Writing Spring...

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