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Unformatted text preview: English 102: Intermediate College Writing Stephen Strother Research Project (70%; 350 points) The Research Project is a three-part assignment consisting of four major parts: the Topic Proposal (Part 1), the Annotated Bibliography (Part 2), the Research Paper (Part 3), and the Reflective Essay. Each one of these separate parts will be explained in detail below. This assignment will require you to follow a research question through the three stages of proposal, research, writing, and reflection in order to develop the research knowledge and argumentative skills necessary to produce a final written product elucidating that knowledge and displaying those skills. Each stage should build upon the previous stage; in other words, you should and must use the information, knowledge, and skills you acquire in each part of the assignment for the next part of the assignment. Without further adieu, here are explanations for each of the four separate parts of the Research Project. Part 1: Topic Proposal (5%; 25 points) Overview: Write a 500 word proposal outlining three different things: 1. A research question for your research project, and whether or not you will be doing a position paper or a literature review. 2. How you plan to argue about this question. If you are doing a position paper, which side of the question do you come down on? Why? If you are doing a literature review, which parts of the question do you plan on emphasizing in your narrative of the literature on this question? For example, if the research question is about war and whether or not it is ever ethical, you might want to narrow the focus of your research to more than “Just War” theory, which is too broad. How would you narrow the focus? Also, make sure to cover what you expect to argue about this question, and how you expect the research to help you do it. 3. What kind of research you will need to do before writing the paper. This research will be used for the Annotated Bibliography, our next assignment. Goals: This part of the research project is designed to • Give you a basic plan for researching and preparing to write your research paper. • Give you experience in prewriting strategies. Requirements: Your topic proposal should contain the following • 500 words proposing a plan for your research paper. Formatting: • Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-spaced throughout, no exceptions anywhere. • 1” margins • A basic title • Your name and date in the upper left-hand corner (NOT in a header) • Page numbers in the upper right hand corner in a header Evaluation Criteria: Your topic will be evaluated using the following criteria: Criteria Goal Plan of Argument 40% The proposal contains a clear, definite, and workable argumentative plan. The plan must not be so large as to be undoable, or so small as to be insubstantial. You are not required to have all the details of your argument worked out, but the broad outlines should be clear....
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e_578 - English 102: Intermediate College Writing Stephen...

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