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Writing Project 1: Exploring the Problem Due : Thursday 2/11 Via : Hard copy due, with any/all research notes, at the beginning of class. Optional Draft or Outline Due : Thursday 2/4. If you turn in a draft or outline, you should indicate what you want me to focus on in my comments, and you will receive feedback from me via email by Monday 2/8 before 5pm. Revisions : Encouraged – due with final portfolio at the end of the semester. I will re-grade essays that have been meaningfully revised. Length : At least 1200 words (approximately four typed double-spaced pages). Please indicate word count at the top of your essay. Sources : At least two, and no more than four: 1-2 internet sources and 1-2 books (not encyclopedias). You should use at least one of each kind of source. You should cite all sources according to MLA standards both in the text and on a separate Works Cited page. For this assignment, you will be using book and internet sources to define and explore a problem that carries social implications on a local, regional, national, or global scale. Your essay should
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