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Writing Project 3: Proposing a Solution to the Problem Due : Tuesday 4/27 Via : Hard copy due, with any/all research notes and Final Portfolio, in my office at noon on 4/27. Symposium on Student Writing: Thursday 4/8 (see separate handout for more info) Optional Draft Due : At conference with me on April 20 or 21. If you turn in a draft, you should indicate what you want me to focus on in my comments, and you will receive feedback from me via email by Thursday 4/22 before 5pm. Revisions : N/A: Final draft due with final portfolio at the end of the semester. Length : Minimum of 1500 new words (approximately five typed double-spaced pages) plus at least 600 words (or two typed double-spaced pages) integrated from WP1 and/or WP2 (you may include more if it makes sense). Please indicate word count at the top of your essay. Sources : At least 5 academic sources (books or journal articles). You may also use up to 10 internet, newspaper, magazine or “other” sources (such as personal interviews or other nontraditional sources), but these don’t count toward the academic source requirement. You should cite all sources according to MLA standards both in the text and on a separate Works Cited page. Summary : For this assignment, you will be using academic sources (books and/or journal articles) to acknowledge, explore, and propose a solution in relation to the multiple solutions that have been proposed about the problem that you wrote about for WP1 and WP2. Since you have already made a case in WP1 that the problem exists and that it matters to a specific audience, and since, in WP2, you have explored the multiple perspectives that exist about the problem, you should go a step further in this essay to make an
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e_583 - Writing Project 3: Proposing a Solution to the...

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