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Academic Source/Popular Source Comparison In general, popular sources are typically written for a wide audience, while academic sources are typically written for (and by) experts. Please review Mauk and Metz’s discussion on pages 444-81 as you begin working on this assignment. Issues to consider in comparing the two categories include audience (general or expert), purpose (commercial, advancing knowledge, etc.), level of detail, review processes, source documentation, etc. For this writing project, you will first locate and read two articles (print or online) that are relevant to your topic/question for Project #5 (see below). One must be an article from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal, and the other must be an article from a "popular" publication (magazine, newspaper, etc.). If you need help finding either source, or if you have questions about whether a particular article meets the criteria for a scholarly or popular source, please let me know. Remember to choose articles that you believe will be useful in completing Project #5.
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