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English 102: Intermediate College Writing Matthew Nunes Research Essay Proposal Instructions Overview: A research proposal is a formal plan for a research paper that you present in a clear manner for someone else to understand. The proposal is not just a loophole to jump through to in order to get the okay from me on what you want to do for your research paper. A research proposal is also your opportunity to put together all of your plans, ideas, and sources before you start your paper. With this proposal you can recognize what areas of your project need additional planning and research. In this way, you can anticipate problems before starting the paper, and you will have a clear plan before you begin to write the paper. This should save you the trouble of running into major problems and should make the writing process somewhat easier. A Research Question: As you find a topic and begin to think through your ideas, you will need to formulate a research question that you’d like to address.
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