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Unformatted text preview: English 102: Intermediate College Writing Matthew Nunes Formal Assignment 3: Research Essay Overview: You will write an 8-10 page argumentative research essay on a topic of controversy that relates to your major or field of interest. (This cannot be the same topic you had for your multiple-source essay). To develop a thesis statement, you will first generate a research question for which you will use your research to answer. Your topic must be approved by me. Your essay must make an argument on a particular issue and not merely be an informative essay. Your argument must be based on research, using at least eight sources. The essay must be written in a formal academic style, in the third person, using sources effectively and correct MLA or APA citations (or another approved citation style). Topic Approval: Your topic must be approved by me. This way I can be sure that you are not chosing something that will not work for the assignment. Final approval will be given for your topic when I have seen your formal topic proposals. If you write your proposal on assignment....
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