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1 November 30, ---- Name Address City, State Zip Name Owner, McDonalds Restaurant Address City, State Zip Dear Mr. ---- Enclosed is a proposal that addresses McDonald’s current situation involving wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) at the Shepherdsville restaurant location. The proposal provides several reasons as to why offering wireless access will benefit the restaurant and better serve the community. Being an employee for over a year at the McDonalds in Shepherdsville, and currently attending college, I hope that my observations and suggestions will be of interest and help to your business. In short, my proposal suggests that by not offering wireless access, at the McDonalds in Shepherdsville is not currently being utilized to its full potential. Due to the rapid increase in technology and the consumer’s demand to constantly stay “connected” (to the internet), restaurants all over the United States have begun to offer wireless internet access to their customers. Due to the Shepherdsville restaurant’s prime location in an area currently growing in size and population, I propose that McDonalds offer wireless internet connectivity for little or no cost, like many other restaurants that have found greater success in doing so. As an employee of the McDonalds Corporation, I share in your interest of maximizing your restaurant’s profits while continuing to serve the community. Likewise, I understand that McDonald’s wants to maintain a comfortable environment for both children and adults alike. I hope my thoughts are of some benefit. Thank you for your consideration on this matter. Sincerely, ------- ----------
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2 Proposal Summary This proposal argues that by not offering wireless internet connectivity at the Shepherdsville McDonalds location, that the restaurant is ultimately selling itself short on the possibility of achieving far greater success. I propose that the restaurant offer wireless access in order to better serve the community and to increase revenue whether directly by charging for the service, or indirectly by offering free access with the assumption that sales will increase due to increased traffic.
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