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English 102: Intermediate College Writing Joanna Wolfe Informational Report (with Interview): Writing on the Job Overview: Students often choose careers based on insufficient information about what the daily life of someone working on this job consists. Your goal on this assignment is to find out more about a career that interests you by researching what types of writing members of this profession complete, who reads this writing, and what functions this writing serves in this profession. Your research will consist of at least one interview with a member of this profession (or a graduate student in training) and an analysis of three other sources , such as journals, websites for professional organizations, and other materials read by members of this profession. You will write an Informational Report (see NFG, chapter 8) of approximately 750 words (3 pages) that synthesizes the information you have collected into a statement about the role that writing plays in this profession. This report will be addressed to college freshmen who may be considering this profession. Your purpose is to increase their awareness of what this profession involves. NEXT TIME: FOCUS MORE ON WHAT SOME OF THE CRITERIA ARE FOR WRITING IN THIS GENRE—WHAT ARE SOME OF THE THINGS WRITERS SHOULD KEEP IN MIND IN ORDER TO BE SUCCESSFUL W/ THIS TYPE OF WRITING Goals: This assignment is designed to Increase your awareness of the role that writing plays in the workplace and professional life. Help you learn more about a profession that interests you. Give you practice writing an informational report. Improve your ability to quote effectively and synthesize a variety of sources, including both published texts and interviews. Process:
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e_622 - English 102: Intermediate College Writing Joanna...

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