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English 102: Intermediate College Writing Joanna Wolfe IMRaD Report: Designing and Presenting the Results of an Experiment on Writing Overview: You will work with two other classmates for one week to design a research experiment that tests a writing principle or strategy (see next page for topic ideas). You and your teammates will work together to design an experiment and collect data, gathering at least three different variables . Based on the data you gather, each teammate will prepare an individual report of approximately 800 words describing the experiment, results, and implications. This report must be written in IMRaD format, use at least one graph or table for displaying data, and cite at least one source in the introduction. Goals: This assignment is designed to Give you practice writing a scientific/technical report in IMRaD format Help you learn more about a writing principle or strategy by testing it out for yourself and seeing whether the advice holds up to your own research. Give you practice collaborating with others on an original project idea. Give you practice making both verbal and visual arguments with numbers and data. Collaboration: You will work with a team for one week to develop research a research question, design research materials, and collect data. The work that you do collaborating with your teammates will count as your homework and in-class grades for the relevant classes. Once the data has been collected, each team member will work independently to turn in an individual copy of the report. Team members will be expected to use Google Documents to send emails to the group and store copies of all documents associated with this project. You will need to create a free Google Account ( at http://docs.google.com/ ) to use this service. Be sure to include me as one of the users who can access your team’s documents (joanna.wolfe@louisville.edu) One person on the team will serve as project manager. The project manager is responsible for making sure that everyone
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e_623 - English 102: Intermediate College Writing Joanna...

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