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e_633 - Mike Palmquist BedfordStMartins.com $ 60.75 Joining...

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Joining the Conversation (...the USA TODAY of 102 texts.) Mike Palmquist BedfordStMartins.com $ 60.75 Foot-In-Mouth Epidemic Hits Students Hard Dr. Bell: “Students are analyzing when they should evaluate, reflecting when they should per- suade.” (more: JTC 98) Fear of joining academic discourse linked to paraly- sis cases. B 18 “Palmquist, save us!” Public cries for help. C 12 Recent Poll Suggests Increase in Authoritative Writing! A poll conducted last Thursday suggests an an- swer to the question on everyone‟s mind: does Joining the Conversation actually improve English 102 students‟ ability to enter into academic dis- course? The answer is ‘yes.’ The answer is „yes.‟ Au- thor Mike Palmquist uses a conversation metaphor in order to invite stu- dents to participate in areas of discussion which they previously thought they were not privileged to join. The poll, based on a questionnaire distrib- uted to two University of Louisville composition instructors, (more: OpEd ) JTC Designs Dazzle!
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