BU204_10 _Finley_Joey_ Unit 1

BU204_10 _Finley_Joey_ Unit 1 - Running head: PRODUCTION...

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Running head: PRODUCTION INTRODUCTION TO FOREIGN COUNTRY 1 Production Introduction to Foreign Country Joey D. Finley Kaplan University BU204-10 Macroeconomics Unit 1 March 14, 2011
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MEMORANDUM TO: CEO of Our Business FROM: Joey D. Finley DATE: March 14, 2011 SUBJECT: Business Product Progress Report This report is to confirm that the product that is to be introduced in the selected foreign country is ready to be distributed. Plans of this initial trial to see if the product will do well in sales will commence on time as had been discussed in previous meetings. The fact that there will be very little or no competition and a valid use of the product should allow for a substantial amount of profit. With the lost cost to make the product and the affordability to purchase in low income countries will show the product as a near miracle to use in daily life. Research and development has provided much information in regard to the ease of use of the product and the probable repurchasing of the product after approximately 2 years due to wear. Once the trial time of 6 months has been reached a survey will be compiled with the local
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BU204_10 _Finley_Joey_ Unit 1 - Running head: PRODUCTION...

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