Business Ethics - Running head: BUSINESS ETHICS 1 Business...

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Running head: BUSINESS ETHICS 1 Business Ethics Joey D. Finley Kaplan University CM225-05: College Composition II for Business Majors Professor: Susan Wimberly Honea
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Business Ethics The world is not as perfect as desired to be nor is everything seen and done as simple as black and white, right and wrong. Grey is very commonplace now a day. This can allow for tendencies of veering closer to the outer edge of this grey area which can easily be tripped over and get one’s self, or business in hot water. That of course, is if one were to get caught. That is the point of ethics; doing to right thing, making the right choices, especially when nobody is looking. Aristotle, possibly one of the earliest students of ethical study, born in 384 BC was an important philosopher in ancient Greek philosophy. Mostly known for teaching a certain student, who did one-day become famous, Alexander the Great (Answers, n.d.), his originating philosophies are still used in today’s business environment applying tolerant and cautious approaches of his moral philosophies. Business ethics in today’s society is a hustle and bustle environment in which some people will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Business ethics are important because they can make or break a company, there are serious consequences for bad ethical decisions, and they have been put in place to keep social and civilized order from not
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Business Ethics - Running head: BUSINESS ETHICS 1 Business...

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