Business Ethics Memorandum and Final Draft Joey D. Finley

Business Ethics Memorandum and Final Draft Joey D. Finley -...

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Running head: BUSINESS ETHICS MEMORANDUM AND FINAL DRAFT 1 Business Ethics Memorandum and Final Draft Joey D. Finley Kaplan University CM225-05: College Composition II for Business Majors Professor: SusanWimberly Honea February 8, 2011
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TO: B. H. Johnson. Superintendent of Our Business FROM: Joey D. Finley DATE: February 8, 2011 SUBJECT: Business Ethnics Progress Report I am writing this report because it is important that our company understands the importance of business ethnics. After doing research about our own company it is evident that we are bringing in large revenue each and every year. Our business is prospering and continuing to grow which, is what we are all striving for. As the superintendent of our company I feel it is important that I bring it to your attention that our organization is starting to lack on providing proper business ethics. Although the company is making a good profit our reputation is equally important. I feel that our company needs to start worrying about our reputation to make sure that we are not blindsided by another competing business which in the near future could hurt our profit margin. It is crucial that we take actions now and train our employees how to handle business properly using correct ethics. With the profit we have made and bringing in on a consistent basis it should be exciting to know that we are a prospering company that strives to have the best business ethics we can possibly have. By letting the public know about some changes we are going to make we will gain a better reputation, which, in the future will bring more customers and sales. Obviously our goal as a business is to make money and we can go on handling business they way we have but we will continue to hurt our companies name and take large fines each year that are unnecessary. I have done research about other companies that have changed their business ethnics and would like to explain why a change will make a great difference for our company. In the research that I have conducted I have found that many of the largest firms and companies are actually the worst with business ethics. Fines hit these companies constantly and their reputation is always being questioned. This type of research to me explains that this is an example of what we don’t want to do or become. It is important that we use the research I provide to learn how to handle business in the complete opposite manner. In the research provided I will show that there are specific strategies that our company can mimic to help get us recognized that we are using proper and good business ethics daily. If there any concerns or questions in regard to this report please contact me as soon as possible. I would be happy to calm any anxiety. Thanks again for the chance to express my idea. Enclosure
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Business Ethics Memorandum and Final Draft Joey D. Finley -...

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