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Report on International 1 ***Debate issues International trade is incredibly important for growth of a healthy and wealthy United States economy. Importing and exporting countries both gain in trading due to efficient production of specialized goods being sold and purchasing of goods that are inefficiently or unable to be produced profits among in cooperation with each other. An experienced worker in a specific field of work will be highly sought after and services paid for worth that knowledge and experience compared to an individual that is well rounded in many areas but only at medium
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Unformatted text preview: levels of knowledge and experience. The downside to importing is the reduction of workforce domestically for products and services purchased cheaper from outsourcing or importing goods from elsewhere. Concept summary results*** Joey D. Finley-Importing corn from the country of Alfazia and watches from Uthania. Production and exporting of DVD players and cheese domestically. A free trade agreement would be established with Uthania. A FTA would protect from competition of other countries as to help in progress of initial dealings and transactions between countries....
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