Five Years From Now

Five Years From Now - (Thrasher 2009 I would publicly...

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Five Years From 1 Running head: FIVE YEARS FROM NOW Five Years From Now Joey D. Finley University of Phoenix
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Five Years from Now q Where do you see yourself in five years? What skills do you think you will have acquired by that time? Which do you think will be necessary for you to acquire? Cite all references you used in your research. In five years time, I see myself as a Certified public Accountant and as an Accounting Department manager. For which company I am working for I am not sure, but all businesses out in the workforce have an accounting or finance department. I do not think I would have my own business for I feel better, currently speaking, working for a business that I know will be longstanding. I will have accumulated many skills such as better communication, listening, and various leadership qualities. Those skills I would use to show by example. I would take responsibility of any problems that were inevitable and would not disperse the blame to those who work for me.
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Unformatted text preview: (Thrasher, 2009) I would publicly commend any worker that did above and beyond the standard expected amount of work as well. One of the most important skills will be decision making skills. I will have to use my experiences of previous work and decisions from myself and perhaps even predecessors. Ultimately I will be the one making choices that could affect the rest of the company or at least the people working for me. Consideration will have to be taken in many factors as to the business side probably for the most part, but also employees as well. (Business Training Schools, n.d.) References Business Training Schools (n.d.). What Skills Do Managers Need to Have? Retrieved December 11, 2010, from Thrasher, H. (2009). How to Become a Manager — 13 Skills You’ll Need . Retrieved December 11, 2010, from
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Five Years From Now - (Thrasher 2009 I would publicly...

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