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Making Club IT Better - Making Club IT Running head: MAKING...

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Making Club IT 1 Running head: MAKING CLUB IT BETTER Making Club IT Better Joey D. Finley University of Phoenix
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Making Club IT Better Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada are partners in owning a nightclub, Club IT. Like any other entrepreneurs, Ruben and Lisa have come to the knowledge that keeping up with current information technology is a major factor in staying successful and competitive with other similar businesses. In determining the most effective way to continue staying up-to-date, enhancement of the information management structure is the way to go. The owners had better look strongly at incorporating enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply chain management (SCM) as systems to improve their operations. Profits would rise, internal employee affairs will improve, and business will run more smoothly. This paper in the research of making Club IT better will include evaluation of its customers, resources, and supply chain. This paper will also indentify three IT dilemmas that will be fixed by using the prior mentioned ERP, CRM, and SCM in different parts throughout the club. The website that Club IT uses has various items available only at the club. A Club IT member can receive a 10% discount that is also mentioned on the site. This site has a scheduled monthly featured music calendar and also a menu of food and drinks to order when at the club. Concerts tickets for Friday and Saturday nights are available to be bought ahead of time, but only by phone or in person (Virtual Company: Club IT, n.d.). The club’s community comprised of various types of people to include but limited to youthful professionals without children, students of local colleges, visiting tourist as well as traveling personnel from out of state companies. These attending patrons use a multitude of technology devices such as smart phones and other
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Making Club IT Better - Making Club IT Running head: MAKING...

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