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Managing Time - website From there I can usually keep my...

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Running head: MANAGING TIME 1 Managing Time Joey D. Finley Kaplan University
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Managing Time My problem with managing time is that I do not set myself up with enough  motivation or that there is nothing enough at is immediately acting to get me going. It  used to be that while I was in the navy it was either music or the interest of a lady that  would get me motivated. I had a job that I thought I would be able to put my degree  towards, once I got it. I am still working on it. I hope to be working for another school  soon that will allow me to keep my schooling with a free to large discount. That might  seem motivation enough and it is to a degree but even the loans and the grants are not  enough. Really, it comes down to basically getting myself up from whatever I am doing,  usually watching TV on the couch to just get to the computer and log onto the school 
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Unformatted text preview: website. From there I can usually keep my focus long enough to finish an assignment or even two depending on the day of the week. What I need to do it set myself up with a schedule that I can force myself, because really, I am the only one to get my homework done. I need to set alarms on my phone that reminds me constantly of assignments and postings that are due. As I come up with that idea right now, I think that it could work. I need to allow for delays or times when I might be out of the house as I do not have a laptop to bring with me. I create this idea as using my smart phone’s alarms have been useful and effective in my past with other situation that dealt with timely matters. Will it solve the problem? I am not sure, but it sounds good in my head for now so, that is what I will try....
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Managing Time - website From there I can usually keep my...

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