Raising Minimum Wage

Raising Minimum Wage - daycare or other living...

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Raising Minimum Wage 1 Running head: RAISING MINIMUM WAGE Raising Minimum Wage Joey D. Finley University of Phoenix
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Raising Minimum Wage Raising the Minimum Wage Part A: Write a three point thesis statement that is clear and grammatically correct about your topic. A nationwide realistic raise in the minimum wage needs to be implemented immediately to improve the wellbeing of poor families, perk up local communities and businesses, and benefit minorities such as women, African-American, and Hispanic workers. Part B: Explain what you have learned about your topic from your research. Raising the minimum wages facilitates to those at, below, and even slightly above the minimum pay rates by lessening the burdens that accompany poor and poverty stricken families. Though, not clearly lifting them out of their “in need” status, it does become easier to afford food,
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Unformatted text preview: daycare, or other living expenses. (Haussamen, 2009) With more pay, workers will use that money in business, relying less on government assistance. That spending of more money locally improves the community’s tax base. Workers themselves, tend to be less absent, preserving their jobs, and have a healthier morale overall providing less spending on recruiting and training cost. (Haussamen, 2009) Minorities will gain much. Women comprise of more than half of the lowest paid occupations such as hotels, restaurants, retail, and healthcare industries. About a third consist of African-American, and Hispanic employees. (Haussamen, 2009) Reference Haussamen, B. (2009). The Minimum Wage: Information, Opinion, Research . Retrieved October 20, 2010, from http://www.raiseminwage.org...
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Raising Minimum Wage - daycare or other living...

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