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Reflecting AC116 Accounting II

Reflecting AC116 Accounting II - Running head REFLECTING...

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Running head: REFLECTING AC116 ACCOUNTING II 1 Reflecting on AC116 Accounting II Joey D. Finley Kaplan University AC116-01: Accounting II Professor: Mark Craymer February 20, 2011
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Reflecting on AC116 Accounting II Accounting II has definitely been an eye opening experience beyond what I learned in Accounting I. Absolutely everything that was taught in this class will make me a stronger contender with the workforce in the real world. Some finer points or key concepts of this class that I presuppose will be more commonly used I believe will be Notes Receivable and Reporting of Receivables on a Balance Sheet. These will be obvious factors in daily accounting throughout any given work day. Learning about Depreciation was an interesting aspect that I found very valuable in being able to put value on aging equipment and the possibility of selling that equipment for considerable profit or loss. Another important concept was the Current Liabilities.
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