Renewable Sources of Energy

Renewable Sources of Energy - Running head: RENEWABLE...

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Running head: RENEWABLE SOURCES OF ENERGY 1 Renewable Sources of Energy Joey D. Finley Kaplan University
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Renewable Sources of Energy Reliance on finite supplies of foreign oil and on coal fired electric power plants causes ever increasing prices that we must pay for the oil and the deleterious effects on our environment from both as sources of greenhouse gasses contributing to global warming. There are several renewable sources of energy available to the world. These include: 1. Wind power (both large scale wind turbines and household sized roof mounted wind turbines to co-generate electricity) 2. Solar water heating (roof mounted solar collectors) 3. Solar photovoltaic electric generation (solar cells mounted on roofs to co-generate electricity) 4. Ocean wave generation of electricity 5. In transportation, the development of all electric and hybrid electric cars Please pick one of these topics, do internet research on it and discuss the ECONOMIC impact on the overall economy that national adoption of that choice would have and discuss what the
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Renewable Sources of Energy - Running head: RENEWABLE...

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