Three Theories of Ethics

Three Theories of Ethics - Running head THREE THEORIES OF...

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Running head: THREE THEORIES OF ETHICS 1 Three Theories of Ethics Joey D. Finley Kaplan University
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Three Theories of Ethics Research of ethical theories enabled the discovery of many dissimilar characteristics and the interesting history of when the study of ethics began along with different minded philosophers. Possibly the earliest, Aristotle was born somewhere the time of 384 BC was one of the three most important in ancient Greek philosophy. The other two were Plato who taught Aristotle and Socrates who instructed Plato. Aristotle traveled much and is mostly known for teaching a certain pupil, who would one day become famous, Alexander the Great (Answers, n.d.). This man’s originating philosophies are still used in today’s business environment applying tolerant and cautious approaches of his moral philosophies. The modern world’s companies are relying on the training of current and new employees on company ethical responsibilities. The following ethical theories utilitarianism, deontological, and virtues are a few of the qualities that managers will take into thought when looking their new and current workforce. Utilitarianism states that correct actions are those that result in the greatest happiness for
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Three Theories of Ethics - Running head THREE THEORIES OF...

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