UTS Mekatronika 2 - Draw a PLC ladder logic diagram for...

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Contoh soal UTS Mekatronika 2 MS - FTMD – ITB, 2011 Materi - PLC - Mikroprosesor Contoh soal seperti berikut ini: 1. A pump is intended to fill two tanks. Two valves allow the liquid to be directed to one or other of the tanks. Filling is started each time the lower level in a tank is reached and is continued until the upper level is reached. Emptying of the tanks is carried out manually, so both tanks can be filled at the same time. The emptying time is greater than the filling time. The cycle is started when the lower level in one of the tanks is reached. During the simultaneous filling of the tanks, it will be assumed that one will reach the higher level before the other. The valves are of the single action type. Note: in this problem, the control of the emptying valves is not taken into account.
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Unformatted text preview: Draw a PLC ladder logic diagram for this task. 2. The program below contains right to left logic. Redraw the program corrected so that all logic reads from left to right . Which of the following is not an ALU function? a. Add b. Shift left c. Power-up sequence d. Complement The ALU has two inputs. In the microprocessor used in this chapter they are connected to the a. Program counter c. Control logic b. Internal data bus d. Memory address register The memory address register is connected to the microprocessor’s internal data bus so that it can be loaded from a. The program counter b. The general-purpose register c. Memory d. All of the above The memory address register’s outputs drive the microprocessor’s a. Accumulator b. Internal data bus c. Memory address bus d. Instruction decoder input...
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UTS Mekatronika 2 - Draw a PLC ladder logic diagram for...

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