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Youth Council I would like to join youth council for many reasons, but mainly because I like to do community service. I already actively volunteer at my temple and at Saint Peters University hospital. I also like to help kids because I already do that at my job and is also my main role in my temple services. At my temple my role is to teach children from grades 4-10 about religion, philosophy and life lessons. A few other individuals and I plan out events, have games and do many other fun things for the children. I actively participate by giving ideas, carrying out the event and but sitting down with tem and try
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Unformatted text preview: to get to know them all and set them on the right path. I repeat this process every week on Saturday from 10am-8pm. I also work at Kumon learning center where I sometimes teach children and take care of them. So from this I know that I can work well with other individuals since I am always in contact with them. I am very dedicated to community service because I like to help other individuals and trying to make life for them easier. I like to deal with children because I can help shape their lives by showing them what is right from wrong. Thank you for taking your time and reading this essay....
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