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29_zbreport_2007 - Copy

29_zbreport_2007 - Copy - 29 Financial Intermediation...

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29 Financial Intermediation 10 Examiner’s report 2007 Zone B General remarks The paper comprised eight questions, with candidates required to answer four questions. Questions on this paper will often contain multiple elements. In such cases, the primary element often requires an explanation or description of theoretical concept(s), with the secondary element requiring application of such information to a specific issue of theoretical importance or practical relevance. More complete answers to this style of question should seek to ensure that the answers to the two elements are well integrated. Candidates should be able to demonstrate their understanding of theory, and to be able to cite appropriate models, arguments and examples. Conceptual terms and definitions should always be clearly explained. Answers should be constructed in a logical and coherent manner, and must always address the question as posed. Some questions allow an element of independent thought and reasoning. However, where personal opinions or experiences are offered, their relevance should be fully explained and justified, and they should not comprise the major part of the answer provided. The outstanding answers are those that are able to reflect knowledge and understanding obtained from following the suggested readings given in the subject guide. Candidates must prepare sufficiently thoroughly to be able to make a serious attempt at four questions on the paper. Endeavour to allow an approximately equal time for each question, and attempt all parts or aspects of a question. It is a common failing for candidates to be unable to provide four adequate answers in the time permitted, due to either an inappropriate revision strategy or ineffective time management during the examination itself. The impact of a very low mark for the fourth answer does severe harm to the overall script average mark. When reading an examination question, it is important first to identify key words. To begin, identify the words in the question which indicate the depth required in each part of the answer, e.g. ‘analyse’, ‘assess’, ‘explain’ will require greater depth than ‘define’, ‘describe’ or ‘outline’. Then identify the scope of the question, i.e. what content must be included in the answer. It is equally important to identify what should be excluded from the answer, i.e. marks will not be gained for information which is irrelevant to the question posed. If the question is in multiple parts, note the mark allocation to each part and use this as a guide for time management. It should be noted that some questions may require breadth across the syllabus. It will be common for questions to require the synthesis of topics from different chapters of the subject guide. Therefore, it is important to appreciate that different topics within the subject guide are not self-
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Examination papers and Examiners’ reports 2007 11 contained, and candidates are guided in this respect by the cross-
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29_zbreport_2007 - Copy - 29 Financial Intermediation...

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