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Question 3 - Actual cost per hour was $21.00 Labour...

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Question 3 (5 marks) The following data for the Lewgrow Garden Supplies Company pertains to the production of 2,500 garden spades during March. The spade consists of a wooden handle and a metal forged tool that comes in contact with the ground. Direct materials (all materials purchased were used): Standard cost: $1.00 per handle and $3.50 per metal tool. Total actual cost: $11,350. Materials flexible-budget efficiency variance was $650 unfavourable. Direct manufacturing labour: Standard cost is 5 garden spades per hour at $20.00 per hour.
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Unformatted text preview: Actual cost per hour was $21.00. Labour efficiency variance was $400 favorable. Required: a. What is the standard direct material amount per garden spade? b. What is the standard cost allowed for all units produced? c. What is the total direct materials flexible-budget variance? d. What is the direct material flexible-budget price variance? e. What is the total actual cost of direct manufacturing labor? f. What is the labour price variance for direct manufacturing labor...
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