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ISYE 2028 (Section C) - Basic Statistical Methods Class Time and Location: 10:05 – 10:55 am MWF at Instructional Center #213 Instructor: Dr. Jye-Chyi (JC) Lu Email: [email protected] Instructor Office Hours: 11 am – noon on MWF Text: Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers (any edition) by Douglas C. Montgomery, George C. Runger (ISBN: 0-470-05304-6 (5 th ed.); 0-470-56581-0 (eText)) Note: Any statistics book is fine for this class. However, many of the class assignments will be based on the 5 th edition of the textbook. I will try to scan the assigned problems for students. Prerequisite: ISYE 2027 Course Description Point and interval estimation of systems parameters, statistical decision making about differences in system parameters, analysis and modeling of relationships between variables. The course will be instructed under the following three components. 1. Regression, Variable Selection and Model Building, 2. Design of Experiment, and ANOVA, and 3. Basic Statistical Inference (Estimation and Hypothesis Testing)
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