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ISYE 3025 Exam 2A solu

ISYE 3025 Exam 2A solu - Your name(PRINT Your T-square user...

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Summer 2010 - Exam 2A 1 Your name (PRINT): ____________________________________________________ Your T-square user login ID: ______________________________________________ Your Georgia Tech ID # __________________________________________________ Reminder of the Honor Code Certification: By taking this exam you are abiding by the rules of the Georgia Tech honor code for student conduct on exams and by the specific rules on reference materials for this exam. Any form of giving or receiving assistance during this examination will result in a Fail Grade in the course General instructions: 1. The exam is 70 minutes in length. 2. You may use a programmable calculator (scientific or financial type are all right), but NO NOTES of any kind. 3. Write your name, T-Square User ID and Georgia Tech ID # on this page (above), and your name or initials on each subsequent page. 4. Since there will be NO Live Transmission during the exam, no questions will be answered. If you have an illegible or incomplete document, please ask the exam administrator for a new one. If you think a problem is incompletely stated, make a typical assumption and continue working. 5. Show intermediate work and answers (if applicable). Set up each problem with numerical details; examples: Answer = 500 + 35(A/G, 5%, 12) Answer = 3000(1.005)^( 32) 6. Circle or underline the write answer. 7. You may round to the nearest dollar for intermediate and final answers . 8. Attached are some formulas and various interest tables. Write your name or initial on each page.
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