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hw01 ChE 132C due Jan.12, 2011 1) How many ways can you place 8 rooks on an 8x8 chessboard such that each row and column contains exactly one rook? 2) Coach Yellsalot has 12 players, but two of them refuse to play together. How many starting lineups of 5 players can Coach Yellsalot make? 3) Two players take turns flipping a coin until one player wins by flipping ‘tails’. What is the probability that the player who flips first wins? 4) A study of recall is conducted as follows: subjects are shown a film in which a car is moving along a country road.
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Unformatted text preview: There is no barn in the film. The subjects are then asked a series of questions about the film. Half of the subjects are asked “How fast was the car moving when when it passed the barn?” The other half is not asked the question. Later, both groups are asked “Was there a barn in the film?”. 17% of the first group respond yes. Only 3% of the first group respond yes. What is the probability that a randomly selected participant claims to have seen the barn. Is claiming to see the barn independent of being asked the first question about the barn?...
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